Sources: Colin Kaepernick\'s Deposition Request List In NFL Grievance Case Includes Roger Goodell\'s Wife

Roberto: 12 Reasons Why Trump is Unfit & the Worst President Ever: I AM A U.S. CITIZEN--that's my preemptive response to all the TrumpTurds who will just see my name and say, "go back to Mexico" or "ICE is coming for you" etc. Having said that, there are more representatives willing to impeach Trump than the previous impeachment articles against him, which proves the pressure is getting to Congress. Please pass along: DRAIN THE SWAMP--vote against ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL who supported Trump! Trump is unfit and belongs in jail. *********** Please contact your elected officials in Congress and let them know you will not vote for any official who supports Trump: Please visit There is no point to argue on Yahoo message boards. The only people supporting Trump on Yahoo are: (a) Russian paid trolls seeking to keep us divided; (b) White Nationalist and their kind seeking to recruit; or (c) people who just lack the ability to research or think independently (they mean well but just can't stop listening to the WH talking points..i.e. "the DOW is up" (but no mention of President Obama rescuing the economy in 2008 and growing it), "Uranium One" etc). There is just no reasoning with them. At this point, Trump should not hold office because: (1) Trump tried to impede the Flynn investigation by requesting loyalty from Comey on several occasions, pressuring Comey and ultimately firing Comey;**This is an impeachable offense**(see FACTS i. Press Secretary Sanders admission on May 11, 2017 when she said the WH wants the Russia investigation to end and by firing Comey Trump took steps to end it; ii. Trump interview with Lester Holt in May 2017 where Trump admits on TV that he fired Comey because of the Russia thing; iii. Trump tried to fire Mueller in June 2017 but was rebuffed by WH counsel!); (2) Trump's erratic behavior is a sign of cognitive problems, possibly dementia (remember Ronald Reagan was in office when he developed Alzheimer's) or Narcissistic Personality Disorder--this is too risky given NK and Trump's access to nuclear weapons;**This is a legal basis for Trump's removal** (3) Trump has been accused of sexual assault and bragged about assaulting woman as well as trying to seduce a married woman while he was married--if you called for Franken and Conyers resignation (as they should have) then you must insist on Trump's as well; (4) Trump has been accused of serious financial crimes, including money laundering for Russian mafia and bank; (5) Trump is a sympathizer and ally to White Nationalists and their violence (i.e. James Alex Fields, Jr. and the Charlottesville terrorist attack); (6) Trump promotes racism and Islamophobia in particular: his part in the Birther movement, his comments about Mexicans, his call for a complete ban on Muslims, and his re-tweeting of Hate group videos; (7) Trump put himself ahead of the American people by attempting to discredit our multiple national security and intelligence agencies when they all said that Russia meddled in our elections; (8) Trump is profiting from the office by promoting his hotels and golf clubs as well as selecting his properties for vacationing and conducting official business at the expense of the American tax payer; (9) Trump has behaved in an undemocratic and unAmerican manner by attacking and trying to discredit news outlets that criticize his administration and favoring Fox news; (10) Trump has behaved in an undemocratic and unAmerican manner by trying to discredit the judicial branch; (11) Trump has appointed incompetent and corrupt officials to cabinet and Executive branch agencies; (12) Trump lied about his campaign's interactions with Russian operatives and officials. He said there were no contacts at all, but the Mueller investigation has already demonstrated that Trump lied to the American people about such contacts. Trump has failed and puts us at risk every day from internal and external forces. Again, please contact your elected officials in Congress and let them know you will not vote for any official who supports Trump: And please visit Thank you for reading. p.s. I am an American citizen!

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Sources: Colin Kaepernick's deposition request list in NFL grievance case includes Roger Goodell's wife
Colin Kaepernick's Lawyers Want to Depose Papa John in Collusion Case
Colin Kaepernick’s deposition list in NFL grievance includes Roger Goodell’s wife