Screen Grabs: RIPD Dies At The Box Office, Tom Hardy Lined Up For Bond, Jackman Teases X Men Details

The big release that lost out to ... everyone

It's one thing to not come out on top at the box office on your opening weekend.

But when you're beaten by a Smurfs sequel, a Woody Allen film and a sequel to a sci-fi fizzer (along with a bunch of films that had already been released), then the signs are there you haven't captured the zeitgeist.

RIPD opened across a very respectable 254 cinema screens in Australia over the weekend, yet its miserable box office haul of $510,029 saw it ranked only 9th overall despite a large marketing push.

The box office as a whole however bounced back from election weekend's dire turnout with four films clearing the $1 million mark and the top three films from the previous weekend posting notably shallow drops in their takings.

Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine did particularly well on the back of rave reviews, taking the fourth-highest total despite being shown on the smallest number of screens (126 compared to The Smurfs 2's 462).


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Screen Grabs: RIPD dies at the box office, Tom Hardy lined up for Bond, Jackman teases X-Men details
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