One Of The Best Battles In Congress Involves A Top Republican\'s Years Long Crusade Against The History Channel

Chuck Grassley.
Steve Pope/Getty Images

  • Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley has roasted The History Channel for years.

  • He would prefer if the network aired more historical programming.

  • Many have expressed agreement with his tweets on the subject.

Perhaps nothing has drawn the ire of top Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley like The History Channel's programming.

For more than six years, the Iowa Republican has been relentlessly roasting the channel on Twitter in President Donald Trump-like fashion for its lack of history-based programming.

Just last week, Grassley continued his long-standing Twitter battle with the network, tweeting that he took a historic tour of the US Capitol "because it's never on the History Channel."

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One of the best battles in Congress involves a top Republican's years-long crusade against The History Channel
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