BattleBots Mayhem To Air On Discovery And Science Channel

The matches will be fight-to-the-death, meaning that of the two robots entering the arena only one will make it out alive. Since at times the robots, despite the efforts of their controllers, are unable to destroy each other, a jury will be on site to declare the winner.

According to Marc Etkind, general manager at Science Channel, the revival of the series comes after fans have been asking for it to happen. For most of last year, both Discovery and the Science Channel have been airing reruns of the previous episodes of the show, in anticipation of the new season.

“Your favorite bots will be back along with some exciting newcomers, and we’ve got a twist to our traditional tournament format that will mean more fights on screen, and more fights for your favorite bots! Join us this May for the glorious robot carnage over at our new home on Discovery!” reads the official BattleBots website.

The new season will show, aside for the fights themselves, the design and build of each robot, and bot builder backstories.

Nearly 50 teams competed against each other in the 2016 season. There are eight heavyweight robots which claimed a championship during the show: Tombstone, Son of Whyachi, BioHazard, Vlad the Impaler, Bite Force, Brutality, Big Betty and Karcas 2.

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