\'Countdown With Keith Olbermann\' For Dec. 6th

Where other political talk shows suffer from the warped perspective of "the Beltway bubble," Countdown can feel trapped inside a snow globe of meta-media headlines where "Jon Stewart SLAMS Fox News" and "Rachel Maddow SLAMS Glenn Beck" and "Jon Stewart SLAMS Rachel Maddow" and you can't hear the argument for the clatter. Earlier this week, Olbermann devoted a notable chunk of time to interviewing Van Jones, a lawyer and environmental advocate most famous for serving Fox News' needs for a back-up bogeyman during his brief tenure in the Obama White House. The occasion for Jones' appearance was the fact of his sending Fox News a much-belated cease-and-desist letter requesting that they cut back on the mendacity. Why should I care? The only reason that Countdown's target viewer needs to hear more about the problem of Fox News is to puff out his chest for being superior to Fox News' target viewer. Elsewhere, Olbermann teased an interview with Janeane Garofalo by celebrating the fact that an earlier chat of theirs had cheesed off some right-wing types. But he provided no further context, leaving one to scurry to discover that "Lou Dobbs RIPS Keith Olbermann, Janeane Garofalo" and then to regret having bothered with commentary thrice-removed.

Source : http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/television/2011/06/the_return_of_keith_olbermann.html

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